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Course Image Lean Robotics Basics

Lean Robotics Basics

Lean Robotics is a methodology that can be used to simplify your robotic cell deployment. Going through the Prepare, Design, Integrate and Operate Phases, this methodology is a systematic way to comp…
Course Image CNC Machine Tending Application

CNC Machine Tending Application

CNC Machine Tending is one of the most popular applications for collaborative robots. Following the Lean Robotics methodology developed by Samuel Bouchard, CEO and co-founder of Robotiq, this course …
Course Image Surface Finishing Kit

Surface Finishing Kit

Automate your surfacing application made easy! Finishing applications for collaborative robots require many hardware and software components to communicate together. The surface finishing kit is the …
Course Image CNC Machine Tending Kit

CNC Machine Tending Kit

In this lesson, learn how to install the CNC Machine Tending Kit and set the payload & TCP. You will also have tips on how to program a pick & place task with a dual gripper configuration.
Course Image External Tool Finishing Kit

External Tool Finishing Kit

Get a glimpse of how Robotiq's External Tool Finishing Kit can help you automate your finishing applications faster! 
Course Image Sanding Kit

Sanding Kit

Get a glimpse of what Robotiq's very own Sanding Kit can do for your sanding applications, as it is the only all-in-one hardware and software solution for cobots!
Course Image Copilot


Force control made easy! The following course will help you get to know Robotiq’s Copilot, and become an outstanding user of this product.  Robotiq Copilot is a software package designed for using th…
Course Image Vacuum Grippers

Vacuum Grippers

Let's meet the EPick Gripper, which generates a vacuum with an electric vacuum pump, and the AirPick Gripper, which creates a vacuum via a pneumatic vacuum generator. Both grippers equipped with one …
Course Image Wrist Camera

Wrist Camera

Locate objects the fastest and easiest way with Robotiq’s Wrist Camera! The Wrist Camera vision system is defined by the hardware and the software. The vision system uses the Robotiq Wrist Camerahard…
Course Image Insights


Take your Universal Robots production to the next level using Robotiq’s Insights. Insights monitors Universal Robots remotely - anywhere, any time, on any device!
Course Image Adaptive Grippers

Adaptive Grippers

THE grippers for collaborative robots! The following course will present to you the Robotiq 2F-85, 2F-140 and Hand-E Adaptive Grippers as well as their functionalities. Learn how to install the Gripp…
Course Image Cable Management Best Practices

Cable Management Best Practices

Cable management can be problematic when not designed properly. Look at these video tutorials to learn how to design a reliable and functional cable management for your cobot projects.