Topic outline

  • Locate objects the fastest and easiest way with Robotiq’s Wrist Camera! The following introductory video will present you the Wrist Camera, defined by the Visiion and Vision System. The Vision System uses the Robotiq Wrist Camera and the URCap software on Universal Robots to provide you with a simple object teaching interface. The interface allows to set up the Vision System so it can recognize object locations and orientations automatically. The Camera is designed to work in industrial applications in combination with the Robotiq Hand-E, 2F-85 and 2F-140 Adaptive Grippers. Get a glimpse of what the Wrist Camera can do to help you automate your robotic tasks faster!

  • In this video, learn how to create a model in a perfect location using the automatic method and use this model in an application situation.

    Change Snapshot Position How-to Video

    • Use the automatic teaching method to modelize the object
    • Create a one-click calibration of the new work surface
    • Change the snapshot position for the existing "Cam Locate" node