Extra: The Cabinet Door Template

This lesson is designed especially for those who produce cabinet doors or similar types of products. This Robotiq template uses an automatic resizing feature programmed by our application experts. This program generates motion to sand cabinet doors of various sizes. Application Expert Gabriel Boucher will guide you through the steps of using this template for your application.

How to use the Cabinet Door Template on e-Series using the Path Generator:

  • Best practices
  • How to teach the waypoints of the frame section of the cabinet
  • How to teach the waypoints of the center section of the cabinet
  • Learn how the program automatically adjusts the waypoints when required

How to use the Cabinet Door Template

Related Documentation

The following figure presents an example of what you will get in the program template explained; use it to help you with your programming. Download the program template and explanation below.

Cabinet Program Template

Cabinet Door Template Explained

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