Extra: Understanding the 4 Point Path Generator

Let's look at the features of the 4-Point Path Generator in detail. This Copilot feature of the Path Generator is really helpful when having to generate a trajectory on a flat surface.  The 4-Point Path Generator node generates complex trajectories on a surface using only 4 points. It is typically used for applications where the tool is mounted on the robot and used in a Force Control Node. The various options let you create cobot programs that can automatically generate trajectory based on dimensions entered by the operator or measured by the cobot or other device.

How to use the 4-Point Path Generator:

  • Teach the 4 Points to define the path's limit
  • Choose the desired path option: surface, perimeter or both
  • Select the tool's speed and weaving options
  • Add margins for special requirements 
  • Use variables when dealing with different part models 


Last modified: Tuesday, 18 August 2020, 4:21 PM