Cobot Cell Integration Part Two: Programming

Now it's time to start programming the real stuff! In this lesson, you will learn how to program a finishing application. We will show you how to set up the Input-Output signals in the cobot controller and how to control the force applied during the motion. You can also find bellow the program template that Gabriel Boucher presents in this video.

Programming the Cobot Cell for a Finishing Application

  • Input-Output signals configuration
  • Force Copilot features for finishing
  • Tips on programming
  • Safety consideration

 Surface Finishing Example Program Template

Do you need more information on Risk Assessment? Review the blog bellow to better understand this important topic

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The Finishing Tool Control feature offers two commands: Start Tool and Stop Tool. Select Start Tool to turn ON your tool when it comes into contact with the surface. Select Stop Tool to turn OFF your tool after it is no longer in contact with the surface.  Make sure to set up the configurable output to stop the tool if the process is stopped to avoid any product or tool breakage.

The Path Generator feature allows you to program and edit complex trajectories in a matter of minutes. You can put the Path Generator node within a Force Control node to make sure your robot applies a constant force throughout the process. It can be used for either a 4-, 6- or 9-point trajectory, thus enabling the user to process complex shapes.

How to Use Start/Stop Tool & Path Generator

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