Cobot Cell Integration Part One: Hardware Installation

After the Prepare and Design phases comes the Integrate phase. We are now ready to install the cobot and all the hardware required in the Finishing Application Cell.  Application Expert Gabriel Boucher explains the ins and outs of the Integrate phase.

Cobot Cell Hardware Installation

  • Robot and end-of-arm tooling installation
  • Part presentation and fixtures
  • Percentage of automation tasks
  • Dust collection and accessories

 Surface Finishing Example Program Template

Need help to mount or configure the Surface Finishing Kit? Please refer to the next videos. 

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Surface Finishing Kit Installation Video

Cable Management Best Practices

Cable management is really important when installing cobots. Multiple repetitive movements can create tension on the cables and can lead to breakage. David Rochette, Technical Trainer at Robotiq, explains the basics for a good cable management.  Follow these simple rules and your cables and end-of-arm tooling will be protected.

What you will learn:
  • Components of a robotic cable
  • Understanding the cables' modes of failure
  • Choosing the right solution for your needs
  • Robotiq cable overview
  • Recommendation for a clean installation

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