Track Data

Is the cobot cell up and running? You've done what every innovative manufacturer typically does: you acknowledged a business challenge, developed an idea and put it into action. Now that the cobot cell is working, how can we improve it? Monitoring performance can help in tracking the issues and obtaining better results, which affect the KPIs. Avoid downtime by using a 24/7 tracking system, and analyze the data. 

Minimize Downtime

Get real-time alerts to optimize the utilization time of your CNC machine. If downtime occurs, Robotiq's Remote Access feature will help you restart your production faster. You can even receive an alert on your smartphone if the CNC cell is in a fault state.  Watch the following videos to learn how to access your cobot remotely.

How does it work? See below for more details on why this solution can help you Start Production Faster!

Monitor Production

Define your own KPIs and track them to seek trends in your production. Send reports directly to your email or smartphone.

Watch the video below to learn more.


Optimize Production

Strive for more efficient processes to maximize your production's ROI. Just like we see at Sennheiser Manufacturing USA, the testing of printed circuit boards can become a bottleneck. With the help of Robotiq's products and Insigths monitoring system, Sennheiser increased its testing capacity by 33%. Watch the following video to learn more about this real-life case study.

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Last modified: Tuesday, 28 January 2020, 2:57 PM