Who will be kept informed about the robotic cell deployment project? 

Who will be put in charge?

Who will carry out the project? 

The Team Roles & Skills Spreadsheet below will help you identify all the roles people play in a robotic cell deployment project.

But first, let's take a look at the process to learn more about:

  • Team Roles & Responsibilities;
  • Assembling the Team;
  • Communicating the project.

 Access here the Blog post on 10 Essential Skills That All Good Roboticists Should Have

Now, which skills should you and your team members focus on? To answer this question, start by assessing the current skill levels in your organization. Answer the questions in the Team Roles & Skills spreadsheet bellow:

 Download the Team Roles & Skills spreadsheet

To keep track of who’s responsible for what, fill in the right-hand column with the name of each team member. In larger organizations, roles sometimes seem to be predetermined by job titles. However, several roles might be played by the same person, as is often the case in smaller factories. Filling out the spreadsheet will help you target the right colleague for the right role.  

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